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Project AWW Journal 2013 -09/ 14

Mon Jul 29, 2013, 9:49 AM
updated 04.10.2014

Please don't forget to fave this journal, so more people will see all the wonderful Angels :hug: Thanks a lot :D

Angels will be awarded every 1st  Weekend of a month.

It was 1st and 3rd weekend till March, but, we want to pay tribute to the fact, that many of us have gardening season coming up and as well like to spend more time outside than in front of a pc :)

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

Here you will find a compilation about Project Angels without wings short AWW.
AWW is a project I started back in 2008 and it was running with good success
until I went off dA for quite a long time. But, as I love this project I had
to revive it sooner or later.

About how to suggest Angels, and to whom, who are the Gangstas of Love,
who kindly  feature the awarded Angels every fortnight, the icons of all
already awarded Angels and what else you might want to know :D (Big Grin)

For all the Angels which where awarded back in 2008/2009
and the former Gangstas of Love see here

And feel free to spread the word in any way :D (Big Grin) the more will know,
the more angels we will find and see!

If you feature this project in your journal
 please let me know prior to doing so thank you!

Who are Angel without Wings?

They are those fellow deviants:

Bullet; Pink who more or less regularly feature other deviants
Bullet; Pink who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
Bullet; Pink who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
Bullet; Pink who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
Bullet; Pink who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
Bullet; Pink who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
Bullet; Pink who take the time to suggest seniority every now and than
Bullet; Pink who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
Bullet; Pink or whatever else helpful, kind, supporting they might do

Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink

I wanted and still want, that those people who do such a lot for the
community, who make dA the great place it is, get the well deserved
attention for all their kindness and help.

That's why I want that this Project gets big, I mean really BIG,
so we find more of those Angels, and those awarded
get the recognition and attention they deserve so much.

Every month 4 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
 featured by me and my fellow Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):

Gangstas of Love stamp by Nameda

ANGELICA-LILY AngelesLaVeau Annissina Bushaqua CelestialMemories DAnnsCreations davincipoppalag Dieffi Florhalie Tales-of-Tao Egil21 Etsuko-Hime  EveLivesey gigi50 iDJPanda kvdolan MayEbony msfowle MYPeanutGallery PhotographsByBri  PurpleInk777 RoseCS DMD-CT signmeupscotty Stygma suezn TheGalleryOfEve Tigles1Artistry  WishmasterAlchemist

As you might find out several of my Gangstas of Love are awarded
Angels themselves :) (Smile) Most of them where awarded first and than
decided to join in, because they loved the project & the award,
and decided to spread even more happiness than they already do :D (Big Grin)

Wanted: New Gangstas of Love! If you'd like to :iconlovesqueeplz: spread the joy :iconlovesqueeplz: of featuring new Angels Without Wings apply now!  It's a simple task that you need to do once every 2 weeks.  Journal content is given to you, complete.  Just choose 3 deviations from each of the new Angels galleries to add to the journal, upload it to your own account, and notify the new Angels of their feature. 
Simply note me :iconnameda: to apply.

Do you know such Angel without Wings,
well then help them to get a pair of wings
and suggest them to
me :iconnameda: or to :icondieffi: , :iconmayebony: or :iconthegalleryofeve:

We 4 are so to say the :heart: of Project AWW.
Each Angel awarded has to get at least 3 votes for yes. 

If you want to suggest please be so kind to write AWW suggestion
in the subject of the note AND the name of the nominee
and explain in at least 5 sentences why the suggested person does 
deserve the award.  And please one suggestion per note only!

If you suggest, have a look if the nominees good deeds are visible
for everyone visiting that page!! I do appreciate if friends are
suggested, but think a second about the point, if others who
don't know that deviant, clearly can see why the person
deserves the award.

As well there is no need to get many people to suggest :)
One suggestion is enough :) We will look thoroughly at the
page of the nominee and decide if s/he will be awarded.

We can't forget to specially mention The writer team
who finds these incredibly golden honeyed words
who fine-tune or completely write the texts for each Angel.
 It consists of 3 wonderful gangstas:
:iconmayebony: is the teamcaptain so to say and :iconthegalleryofeve: and :icontales-of-tao: work together with her :)

As well for those specially interested, We founded a group specially for the angels and gangstas :iconangels-and-gangstas: membership is on invitation only, but, feel free to watch to be always up to date one everything regarding Project AWW :)

Have a look if the nominee you have in mind isn't an Angel already:
 Old AWW  Journal
latest: Project AWW Journal 10/2014-

All the Angels without wings awarded from 2013 on forward (Date written dd/mm/y)

Just go to their pages and give them some :love: and spoil them!! :heart:

I   / 2013 : :iconangelica-lily: :iconsesam-is-open: :iconthegalleryofeve:
II  / 2013 : :iconlucilaleyla: :icontouchedvenus: :icongigi50:
III / 2013 : :iconsimplysilent: :iconhiaamir: :icontigles1artistry:
IV / 2013 : :iconphotographsbybri: :iconjane-beata: :iconlintu47:
V  / 2013 : :iconcality: :iconmiontre: :iconmayebony:
VI /2013 : :iconvanmall: :iconartbybeverly: & angel who wants to stay anonymous
VII / 2013 : :iconginkgografix: :iconrainylake: :icongingado:
VIII /2013 : :iconartbycher: :iconsugaree-33: :iconpoetryod:
IX / 2013: :iconcelticstrm-stock: :icongenerazart: :iconhmissxx:
X / 2014 : :iconmoonbeam13: :iconphilippel: :iconginryuzaki:

I / 2014: :icontimberclipse: :icontiarashin: :iconfunkichkn:
II / 2014: :icondemonmathiel: :iconbibiarts: :iconapplemac12:
III / 2014: :iconcakecrumbs: :iconsurrealistic-gloom::iconwhisperwings:
IV / 2014:  :iconrhynwilliams: :iconstelari: :iconkarinclaessonart:
V / 2014: :icontalty: :iconmaytel:  :iconriemea:
VI / 2014: :iconemerald-depths: :iconegil21: :iconflamingodancer123:

VII / 2014: :iconendorell-taelos: :iconflorhalie: :iconwakefielddesigns: formerly A-wakefield :iconmypeanutgallery:
VIII / 2014: :icontherafflesia: :iconjoe-maccer: :iconpurpleink777: :iconanoya: 

IX / 2014: :iconganjamira: :iconelynenoir: :iconarte-de-junqueiro:  :iconbrookette: 
X / 2014: :iconworldwar-tori: :iconideasplayer: :iconaeirmid:  :iconlindartz:

Full text:
each box contains all 3 (4 from April 2014 onwards) Angels of the given date!


ANGELICA-LILY suggested by me and =TheGalleryOfEve

Angelica is a sweet, dedicated deviant, who goes out of her way to promote other people on her own page. She's a true angel, a sweet human being that always has a kind word for whoever has the privilege to cross paths with her. She's cheerful to those who need it, encouraging to fellow deviants, and a joy to be around! It is impossible not to notice ANGELICA-LILY's eagerness to help, since her dedication to help others transpires in all she does, from reposting journals to comforting people through her joyful comments. We're very lucky to have her on deviantART!

sesam-is-open suggested by me.

Selina is the kind of person that you will feel proud to call "Friend". Her heart is full of room for those she encounters! When you visit her page, you will want to stay there for hours, just to see all the beautiful works she features! She truly goes the extra mile to make sure she presents the works of other deviants in the best manner possible. When you read her comments you see what an angelic human being Selina is … she shows people she cares about them, and this is not easy to achieve in an online environment, but she does it beautifully, and we love her for that!

TheGalleryOfEve suggested by me.

Eve is the most wonderful person you may imagine! She promotes her friends and watchers in any possible way.  Her heart always reaches out for those in need, be it for kind words, a feature, be it art or watchers comissions; or like changing my hand-drawn, slightly fuzzy line-art for the new AWW journal into a clean and pristine Vector graphic. Its impossible to not love Eve and her kind and joyful way, which you will feel in each single interaction. She really does care for all those around her and is one of the people you will feel blessed to win her as a friend! Eve is one of those rare gems where you can say a friend in need is a friend indeed.


LUCILALEYLA suggested by me, Dieffi, TheGalleryOfEve & Douce-Amertume

Lucila is that sweet soul that is always present in good and in bad times, cheering everybody up with her kind comments full of utmost joy! She takes time to create beautiful features to promote others, and is warm and approachable. Everybody needs an encouraging word from time to time, and Lucila makes sure to give one to everybody she interacts with! She cares about people and shows it every single day. This community wouldn't be the same if Lucila wasn't in it! We love you Lucila!!!

TouchedVenus suggested by Damaged927

As her nominator said "Venus is the poster child of the AAW project". She's dedicated to the dA community in many beautiful ways! She's very sweet in her interactions, replying promptly to almost all her comments an is indeed one of the most helpful deviants there is! She creates beautiful features and pimps for other deviants without ever turning down anyone in need. She's thoughtful, always thinking of ways to help out, like with her "Venus Mentorship", where she helps out a deviant a month to help them get their skills up. `TouchedVenus is without a doubt a credit to herself and to the dA community at large!

gigi50 suggested by Dieffi

Gigi is a wonderful Canadian lady, a lovely human being! She's very active in the community, always funny and friendly, helping all those she comes across with in a heart-warming and helpful way! She's always there for her friends, it is indeed a joy and glory to have people like Gigi in our lives! She's full of kindness and expresses her feelings towards her friends with a lot of joy with the help of a wide variety of emoticons! She features other people to help them get exposure all the time, and her sweet responses are always prompt and full of affection! It's a joy to have Gigi as a friend!


SimplySilent suggested by PizzaPotatoNBacon

SimplySilent is a beloved friend. She's helpful and sweet with everybody! She's a very supportive friend to those she encounters, and she tries her best to give back to this community. Her project #dACompliments is a wonderful example, because through it she encourages others to tell other deviants how much they're loved! She's also involved in other groups that are community-oriented, so her sweet involvement is impossible to ignore! She gives wonderful feedback to people, is generous with her time and effort, and is always sharing wonderful resources for others to use! She's indeed beloved!

hiaamir suggested by TheGalleryOfEve and me

Aamir is one of the sweetest, most caring friend that you could ever aspire to have! He's very thougthful and goes the extra mile to help others gain some exposure through his beautiful features. He's the kind of human being that will always answer with the utmost kindness and heart-warming words that will lift your soul very high! His empathy towards those going through tough moments is distinctive, and even uncommon in an online setting. He makes people feel his presence and friendship through the distance! He's loving and cares about everyone he encounters, making people feel his warmth. dA wouldn't be the same without him. We love you Aamir!

Tigles1Artistry by sesam-is-open

Teresa is a special lady who indeed succeeds to win the heart of everyone who has the chance to meet her! She's very natural, honest and tender towards those who interact with her. Teresa is the kind of friend who will always have a good, positive word for those in need and a beautiful smile to warm anyone's heart! She's a beautiful human being who is always there for her friends, giving feedback and creating lovely features to help out others gain exposure! Her joy for life is contagious indeed and it's wonderful to have her as a friend!


PhotographsByBri suggested by Dieffi & gigi50

Brittany is a very assiduous, nice and lovely friend from the United States; she surrounds her friends with a lot of attention and support, which makes her so special and beloved! When you look at her journals you can see all the effort she has been putting into helping the community, by promoting friends and other photographers through the beautiful features she makes! She's so kind in her communication, commenting very often in a positive and pleasant manner, replying as promptly as possible! She brings a lot of pleasure and happiness into our world with her helpful and cheerful way of being, and we're very, very happy to call her a friend! You're beloved, dear Brittany!

jane-beata suggested by Lintu47

Jana is giving a lot to the community and also encourages others to get involved. She is very kind, selfless and willing to help with what she can, be it features, group work, writing articles for projecteducate, or giving her free time to look after the Traditional Art gallery. Aside from her kind spirit and words, she also shares with us wonderful resources, like tutorials and textures, which are very appreciated by fellow artists. It's almost impossible not to know her given her stunning gallery and her continuous presence within our community.
For a stranger, Jana seems a kind, talented lady; for a friend, she's a wonderful person who can make you smile only though a couple of words, she always finds the right thing to say to lift your spirits up. I am happy we are friends because she's one of the sweetest persons i know! :heart:"

Lintu47 suggested by Nameda & TheGalleryOfEve

Cristina is a very sweet, thoughtful and selfless human beings around here; she takes the time on a daily basis to congratulate people who get a DD despite her busy schedule, she's been helping so many people throughout the years to get exposure with the lovely, beautifully organized features she makes! As a friend she's there when you need her and will go out of her way to help people get a smile when they need it! Her support and positivism is contagious and priceless! She's a committed admin on several groups, all of them dedicated to help the community gain knowledge and exposure, and her transparent love and support for this community makes her the angel we're so lucky to have! We love you, Cristina!


cality nominated by MehreenFreed

Steph is one of the most wonderful people that I have met here on deviantArt. And I am positive that I am not the only one who feels the same way about her. cality puts in a lot of effort to help others in the community; she is a part of the great helping-the-unknown project. She gives helpful feedback to those who need some encouragement, and is always ready to cheer and motivate those who need it most! She creates beautiful features to showcase the work of others adding her own sweet description of the artists being featured! And she is a lovely writer herself. She's truly a wonderful person and a special friend!

miontre nominated by MayEbony & Nameda

This young artist from New Zealand, Amazir, has only just turned 16 years old, yet has been making a substantial contribution to dA for a couple of years now. Amazir has the most amazing coding skills, which he freely shares with everyone and has done countless tutorials, assists in many groups, and has written fantastic articles for the group Project Educate. Amazir also creates the most beautiful features of other artists work to help the artists to become better known, as well as suggesting DDs for other deviants. He has earned the love of many deviants who have had the pleasure of interacting with him, and he surely is a wonderful angelic friend to all of us!!!

MayEbony nominated by TheGalleryOfEve and gigi50

May is that lovely human being whose heart is full of love and kindness! She's warm and very sweet! She answers all her comments in such a way that makes you feel that you have her right in front of you. None of her friends can go unnoticed, because she creates beautiful features to help others get seen! She always has a positive word that will lift everyone's spirit! She's loving, caring and a very thoughtful friend. Those who have the pleasure to meet her can understand why she's so beloved around here! It is a great honor to be able to call May "My dearest Friend"!!!


vanmall nominated by TheGalleryOfEve

Mikk is one of the sweetest most adorable friends one can have the privilege to aspire to meet here on dA. He has devoted his dA existence to help others via showcasing works through the 2 groups he has created (TutorialsForYou and TutorialsClub), but also he has authored many tutorials to help deviants create wonderful pixel art deviations! His charismatic spirit spreads joy wherever he goes. He has a huge selfless heart, which he offers it to every one meets! Anyone who has ever met Mikk, can agree with the statement that he is indeed one of those silent angels that touch everybody's hearts with his invisible wings! I adore, my sweet dear friend, Mikk!!!

anonymous Angel nominated by funkichkn & Dieffi

on repeated wish of the Angel we do set her on anonymous she doesn't want to be officially awarded

ArtBYbeverly nominated by gigi50

Beverly is a loving friend, whose words of encouragement are planted like a beautiful seed all over deviantART! She has an appreciative soul, something we can clearly see all over her page! Her beautiful features are all dedicated to help other deviants get more exposure, and through the hard work she puts in each one of them, transpires love, empathy for those who go through tough times, friendship, and above all ... it shows how much she cares about people! A true angel among us! She's �beloved by all her friends, and always has something sweet to say! It is impossible not to adore her!

03. 11. 2013

ginkgografix nominated by Nameda

Anne is one of those special dA friends, who is committed to it in many ways, and for quite a long time! She's been a volunteer before, and she is one now again! Her code and her tutorials have helped many deviants beautify their pages, and her eagerness to help others has turned her into a mentor to many of us who came to her at some point with questions! She's helpful by nature, and lovingly encourages others through her kind words! Her beautiful heart is always open to those who want to reach her, and she makes herself available to anyone via chat or notes! She's a beautiful inspiration to many of us, and a wonderful addition to our angelic list of friends!

rainylake nominated by Nameda & TheGalleryOfEve

Kathy is above all, a selfless, wonderful, caring friend, who puts her heart in all that she does around here! She has created a beautiful project named "Recommend a Friend", which is making so many people get so much exposure! She helps run many great groups, always going the extra mile for those who may need her! Those of us who have the privilege of calling her a "friend", are truly blessed to have her in our lives! She truly cares about others, by featuring her watchers, CVs, group members; by running helpful groups and by involving herself in this community so that she can help more and more! She truly is an angel, and those who know her can understand why we love her so much!

gingado nominated by Dieffi

Rainer is a wonderful addition to our list of angels! He's always very kind and sweet in his correspondence with other deviants. He has been helping people for quite a long time now, to gain exposure through the beautiful journal features he carefully selects and presents to all his watchers and friends! It is indeed someone who encourages people to leave feedback to the people he features, and that is a very kind thing to do! This place would never be this wonderful if people like Rainer wouldn't exist! So it's indeed a pleasure to have a friend lik him! He also decorates our inboxes with his breathtaking photos, inspiring us all when he brings out the beauty of nature in the manner he does!


ArtByCher nominated by Dieffi and TheGalleryOfEve

Cher is without a doubt one of the sweetest souls that this place could ever have! She offers her friendship lovingly to everyone, and her words are always encouraging and kind! Her beautifully crafted features give a chance not only to her watchers and friends, but also to underappreciated artists from all corners of dA, and are a beautiful addition to our inboxes! No one goes unnoticed with Cher, she does her very best to bring out the beauty to the surface! And she inspires us all through her own works or art! Her heart is truly transparent, she lets us all see what a beautiful human being she is inside and out, and it is with great honor that today we're putting the wings to this beautiful angel among us !

And yep hun believe it or not,  you where on the to be awarded list before I (Nameda) received your award :XD:

Sugaree-33 nominated by Dieffi & Nameda

Audra is that nature loving, free spirited, adorable friend, who is always sweet in her correspondence with everybody! She's in a quest to make this world better through by creating awareness of the issues that are affecting our planet, through her group SavePlanetEarth ... With her friends, she's adorable, straightforward, caring, and always ready to lend a hand. She goes out of her way to help others in numerous ways, and she brings a lot of joy "secretely" to many deviants via llamas, donations and her unique, full of life comments! Her heart is full of kindness and her thrive for life is contagious! It is a real pleasure to have our dear Audra as a friend!

PoetryOD nominated by WinterLeave & TheGalleryOfEve

Kathryn is one of the sweetest, most compassionate human beings that anyone could ever have the privilege to meet! She is dedicated to make a positive difference in this world, and she has found a way to do so with the creation of several groups that are dedicated to help the community in a more personal way, like her group :devBurdenedHerats:, in which she lovingly supports whoever is in need of a kind word or a friendly hug! She cares, she truly cares about people and their feelings! Her kindness reflects her beautiful heart! She inspires us and touches our soul with her writings! She's truly one of the most precious friends one could ever aspire to have! And we love her so much!


CelticStrm-Stock nominated by EveLivesey

Cheryl is one of the nicest people you can meet on deviantART, tireless in her contribution to the stock community, she maintains many helpful groups, posts wonderful stock, which aids deviants in the creation of beautiful artworks, and is always happy to promote others via the lovely features and journals she posts. Cheryl is also a great person to have watching your back; you know you can always depend on her to be there for you when you need moral support! A true friend who makes a great difference in this wonderful place!

GeneRazART nominated by awesome43 and TheGalleryOfEve

Raz is one of those human beings that can be called a "true angel among us"! His incredible kindness is shown to every single person who interacts with him, whether directly or indirectly! He's going through so much in his own life, and yet he finds the strength to shine a bright spotlight on others, so that they can be seen and gain the sweet exposure he gives them! But it is the light inside of his selfless, BEAUTIFUL heart the one that shines the most! Those of us who are so lucky to call him a friend, can attest to the fact that he is one of a kind person! Someone so special and so deeply beloved that not even all the words in the world could ever be enough to describe his beautiful heart accurately! We love our beautiful friend, Raz with all our hearts!

HMissXX nominated halcyonshores gigi50

Christina from Greece is a very talented artist who uses many mediums – photography, paint, drawings, photomanipulation and more. She is always ready to lovingly comment on friend’s works and actually shares links that may be of further interest to them. The expanse of her own talents means she is very knowledgeable when helping others.
She is such a well-loved lady by all who cross her path, and she enjoys regularly featuring other artists in her journals. Just a short visit to her profile page shows how appreciative she is of others work as she collects Faves and leaves supportive words to their creators. Her messages to others are always so thoughtful and so kind. One could not aspire for a better and more loving friend.


Moonbeam13 nominated by Nameda

Danielle is probably one of the most visible staff members here on dA; she's committed to this place in more ways that we can imagine! She's a wonderful human being, honest and straightforward, she kindly answers many of the notes and questions she receives, and we all know that she must get so many of those! But she finds the time to do it and does it in a very sweet way! She helps promote people's projects all the time, and gets involved in some of those projects even though her time must be so tight! She's a good friend, a wonderful co-worker and a sweet, approachable, caring human being in general! She does so much for deviantART! More than we can imagine! DeviantART would definitely not be the same if she wasn't a part of it!

philippeL by Tigles1Artistry

Philippe is a person who is always ready to give support to his friends. He is a true gentleman, who always seems to be there for you; ready to comment on your work and always trying to cheer up those that he knows who are going through a rough time.

When looking at Philippe’s profile page one can see by the sheer number of comments that he has made, that he gets involved with the deviantART community. He also has a number of custom boxes showcasing works by other deviants, as well as regular journal features of others’ art.

Ginryuzaki by pokemonaddict06

I first saw Ginryuzaki’s name in the Daily Deviations section as a suggester. She suggests a lot of DDs in different art categories, as you can see in her collection of suggested DDs.
I also saw her featuring awesome artworks of other deviants, as she does her very best to make others reach the limelight.
She also manages a number of groups, and in the groups in which she's the Founder, she generously helps the members advertise their events, projects, commissions, etc.
She inspires me so much, because of her positivity and the help and appreciation she gives to other deviants and the dA community as a whole. Her kindness and love is so obvious in the generous and descriptive comments she leaves on her chosen Faves from other artists. Ginryuzaki is truly a blessing to dA and to all who are fortunate enough to know her.


TimberClipse nominated by Nameda

Zev is one amazing deviant. Involved principally in film making, his inspiration and support of others completely fills his profile page. Immensely engaged in giving his time, knowledge and skills to the community, Zev makes amazingly helpful tutorials, giving such welcome and appreciated advice to all those in the field. ‘Going the extra mile’ is more like 10 miles for Zev. He also leads groups like Fella. daWishingWell, deviant365 and many others. His manner is, without fail, always so kind, gentle, helpful, and patient as he so generously answers every question. Thank you Zev for the amazing person that you are, and for allowing that to shine through so clearly for the benefit of the entire dA.

TiaraShin nominated by gigi50 & MayEbony

Tiara is one of the world’s truly beautiful souls. Almost always the first to comment on the new deviations of those she watches, and always so positive and appreciative with her words. I see her comments and support in an ever-widening area all around deviantART as she praises and encourages everyone. Her artistic tastes are wide, and she is one of those unique treasures who would never ‘fave and run’, but always tells you in depth why she loves your work. Tiara always lifts your spirits with her enthusiasm, praise and kindness, as well as an available and confidential ‘ear’ if you need someone to talk to. She is also unusual and extra wonderful in that she answers every comment made to her and has the beautiful knack of making you feel happy to just be alive and in her company.

funkichkn nominated by gigi50

Rachel is a really friendly, active and fun-loving deviant who takes great delight in Featuring others. She creates beautiful, compelling and colourful Journals full of art that may still be in need of exposure, bringing these deviations to light for so many to see and enjoy. Rachel always goes out of her way to care for those in need, offering understanding and empathy in a gentle, quiet and unassuming manner, yet leaving no doubt that she is there for you and will be an available and trustworthy friend. Founder of NaturePhoto-lovers, you can see her bubble and joy for life as well as her enthusiasm to encourage others in her comments to group members there. She is an active Watcher and Faver around dA, offering words of kindness, support, and her always tender and loving heart everywhere she goes.


DemonMathiel nominated by Annissina, Nameda, & Dieffi

Matthias is such a sweet soul, and he's been around deviantART for a really long time. I dare say there are others, as myself, who probably wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Matthias and his encouragement! He is loved and adored by many, and I have no words to express my gratitude to him. Only someone who has received support from a person they look up to will be able to understand my love for him! Matthias’ features are so beautifully put together, on his classic black starry night backgrounds. They are always full of inspiring, lovely, underappreciated works of art, which he so generously showcases for all to see. Matthias has spent a year as a Community Volunteer and the work involved truly shows how his heart, love, time and energies have been dedicated to helping so many others in the dA community. Thank you Matthias for everything that you do, but even moreso, for all that you are!

BiBiARTs nominated by Dieffi & Tigles1Artistry

Birgit from Germany is someone that you will instantly notice shows great interest in the works produced by others. She is so generous in sharing her opinions, and gives very kind and specific feed-back. She is one of those rare people who will also point out what could be improved, but in a really nice way, which is fantastic from my viewpoint.

Her own art, digital works and photography, are so wonderful, showing great talent, and her features are amazing. They draw so much attention, with many favourable comments from all who see them. Birgit achieves exposure for those she is drawing into the spotlight with big beautiful deviations for everyone to clearly see. Birgit is indeed a wonderful, caring, giving and beautiful lady. A very true and precious friend and Angel!

Applemac12 nominated by VasiDgallery & ArtBYbeverly

I want to suggest a fellow deviant and a great friend Vin AKA Applemac12 for his inspiring, kind, loving and supportive ways that he bestows on his most loyal friends, watchers and new deviants. Vin is also a driving force in the group InspirationStation1 which encourages artists to comment in greater depth on one another’s deviations. Vin is one of the kindest and most supportive gentlemen you could ever meet, and his photography is distinctive and incredibly beautiful too. A very large proportion of his deviations are given as gifts to others which is typical of his loving heart. He proudly features many other artists on his profile page and is always encouraging to people in his comments under their art. No message goes unanswered with Vin, which really shows his compassion and respect for other people. Vin is a true treasure in our community.


cakecrumbs  nominated by MayEbony & @ Nameda

Rhiannon is one deviant who stands out for her vibrant, sunny, fun and very generous character, as well as her truly remarkable skills as a baker. Her gallery will amaze even the sturdiest amongst us! Rhiannon is a dA Community Volunteer and works so hard to spread joy to other deviants through granting DDs, and through her many generous features and work amongst the artisan crafts area of dA. Rhiannon is

surrealistic-gloom nominated by Dieffi & suezn

A trip to surrealistic-gloom’s profile page is a journey that will leave you in absolutely no doubt that she really goes out of her way to give a lot of exposure to her watchers, friends, and even people who are not on her watchers' list. That's how I met her actually, she generously featured my work more than once, when I wasn't her watcher yet. ‘S-G’ answers the many messages on her deviations with kindness and encouragement towards others; you can tell how much love she puts into this community, and, deservedly, people really love her!!! Despite an overwhelming number of messages, on her profile page alone, ‘S-G’ answers every one of them. And, although she begs people not to give her any llamas, whenever you give her one, she's sweet enough to thank you for it, and she takes it pretty well. ‘S-G’ shows the true spirit of caring, loving, supporting and giving here amongst her dA family. She really is an Angel

Whisperwings nominated MayEbony   Rest in Peace little Angel :sad:

Alicia left this world for a better place on February 17th 2014

Alicia is one incredibly special Angel amongst all the Angels. We wanted to award her particularly for her incredible bravery and cheerful spirit despite the dreadful odds stacked up against her. Alicia is a digital artist with great talent but, more than that, her encouragement and support of others is so incredible and outstanding at a time in her life where so many would crumble, or at best turn inwards. Yet here she is, offering support and love to everyone who crosses her path. Some would call her brave, and indeed she is that and more besides, but I would call her selfless - a true heroine in every sense of the word. I only hope I can be like her when the time may come. Here are some of her own words from a recent journal "Cancer is such a scary word…but I’m okay. I’m at peace with this. I do wish I had a little more time… But really I’ve discovered that with the last weeks of my life, I only have a few goals. I want to spend as much time with friends and family as I can, I want to leave behind as much happiness as I can, and I want to create as much artwork as I can :aww: I just want to leave behind a big bubble of love for you guys!" There really are no words in answer to a post like that - only feelings of the deepest respect and awe that can never truly be expressed. God be with you Lissy - whatever form you believe God to be! Every single one of us is richer for having known you!


RhynWilliams nominated by ArtByCher

Rhyn consistently features deviants who are underexposed. Whether you have been here for years or just a few months, he generously doles out the recognition that every artist deserves. His words are golden in their usefulness, and very fair. As kindhearted as he is talented, Rhyn is also always willing and eager to aid various projects throughout the community; he stands as a pillar of support and assistance with artistic and technical aspects, such as FAQ translations. It's no easy work, but he tackles it without complaint, and exceeds excellence in every result. On top of all else, his demeanor simply bursts with positivity and cheer; he never fails to bring laughter with him on any occasion, a trait which is certainly invaluable. Rhyn's ceaseless activity for the community's well-being and his constant encouragement of others only strengthens my belief that he is well-worthy of being called an Angel Without Wings. I urge you to go and explore his profile; you may well gain a wonderful friend on top of fantastic talent and support.

STelari nominated by SandraHultsved

When I heard about this project I immediately thought of Sylwia. She has done a lot for the community on DA, foremost by what she is contributing through her groups by making fun contests, donating prizes, featuring unseen talented artists and always being there to help! One of her groups :devrimmgloomtale: is for me the best group on DA. She is not only very generous with her praise and encouragement, but also extremely supportive and friendly. Sylwia regularly creates really beautiful journals to feature other artists, some of them relatively unknown. It is obvious that she puts a lot of love, thought and planning into these. Sylwia is also a very talented artist in her own right and, with her quiet, gentle love and support for all, a perfect candidate for the Angels Without Wings award!

KarinClaessonArt nominated by Dieffi

Dear Karin is the sweetest Swedish artist since ABBA! From the first moment you meet her you can't help but notice how friendly, cheerful and heedful this lady is in all of her actions here on dA! She always shows such solidarity to her friends, always giving a lot of very kind and respectful comments to others. Karin handles your art with high attention and respect by giving a lot of faves. She is very busy with administrating 7 groups, as a member of 50 groups and creating a lot of awesome and wonderful digital art, photos, stocks and tutorials. However she always finds time to be a communicative and truly lovely friend. Karin is collecting points in her donation pool for prizes and memberships and taking commissions. She also shows her incredible kindness and generosity of heart by creating so many beautiful features for supporting other artists.

25.02.14 (instead of 01.03.2014)

Talty nominated by Nameda

When I think of Talty I think of apparently delicious, incredibly realistic miniature cakes. But do Talty’s talents end here? Absolutely not! Talty is one of the most helpful deviants you are ever likely to meet. She goes to great lengths to write, or video, incredibly informative step-by-step tutorials. Her sweet voice tinkles with joy as she so generously shares all of her knowledge and skills so liberally. There’s no holding back of secrets here. Dear Talty just lives to help others in as many ways, and as much as, she possibly can. Talty is kindness itself. No question goes unanswered and she truly cares that you have understood her meaning and that she has helped you as much as you need before she counts the job as done. Never stop being wonderful you, sweet Talty!

maytel nominated by Nameda

Where does one begin to extol the virtues of dear Maytel? If ever there was a selfless, loving, helpful, kind and giving deviant, Marie is that one. As a recently retired CV for the Artisan Crafts section of dA she absolutely could not give any more of her time and love, it just wouldn’t be humanly possible! Marie is that one who has spent countless hours creating interesting challenges, featuring unseen and unusual crafts as well as the more mainstream ones, and granting DDs to deserving deviants.
Marie bakes, makes gorgeous fimo miniatures, jewellery, and shares her beautiful and inspiring recipes as well as creating wonderful tutorials. Congratulations on the birth of your second son recently Marie, and we know that you will still contribute to dA in your amazingly generous and kind-hearted way! Thank you for all that you are.

Riemea nominated by Dieffi

This German lady and Senior Member is such a very helpful, active and friendly person and deserves very well to be called an Angel! In her 'I Love, You Love' features she gives us the chance to "share work you love and to discover new deviations you might fall in love with." She also creates other gorgeous features named 'Monday Muses', where she shares "artists and artworks that inspire you." This is a really commendable and lovely activity that Kathi so generously created, and it surely deserves our support and collaboration! Kathi is very involved with acting as an admin of 11 groups and supporting the 'DeviantART Compliments' project. Apparently it is a very important ambition for her to assist other people and the community. There is no doubt at all that she has already achieved this. Kathi truly is more than all of these wonderful things! Kathi is a beautiful inspiration to many of us and, as always, very aware of those who surround her while watching for any opportunity to be kind, communicative and such an amazing friend.


Emerald-Depths nominated by Nameda

Danielle has to be one of dA's sweetest deviants. Her community spirit is contagious; she does so much for everyone, expecting nothing in return. She is just an amazing person all-around, she is active in an incredible number of groups and offers critiques for others. Danielle even assists with some make overs for those who are still learning. She is just so friendly and approachable, and even manages to answer a fair amount of the huge number of comments that she receives, especially those which go beyond 'thanks for the llama' etc. Her profile page shows just how incredibly generous she is with her time, her help, and with sharing her knowledge to those who need assistance. You would be hard pushed to find a more generous, kindly and loving person anywhere.

Egil21 nominated by Dieffi and MayEbony

Elsa is a truly caring and beautiful person who goes out of her way to promote others' art by being a 'dA Linker' as well as through her group, TheFavouriteShowcase where she encourages over 2,000 members to promote their own, and others' works. She has such a sweet and giving heart, and what is so particularly unique about Elsa is that she also helps deviants to think about, and appreciate those people who have been of value to them. Elsa goes above and beyond the expected, always giving more of herself than anyone could imagine. It’s those surprising additional touches that really speak to your heart of her incredible love, sincerity and desire to give so freely of herself to others. Elsa is a true friend, and a credit to the whole of dA.

flamingodancer123 nominated by TsalagiMahariel

Cathy is a truly amazing dA member. She gives encouragement wherever she can, offering helpful critiques, including her views on even the little details, and graciously answers her notes and comments. She's helped me, as well as a few other deviants I know, who were in need of help, in many ways, like suggesting our art to others.. I've never met a kinder person than Cathy; she's the type of Angel who discretely encourages other artists and does good things in such a quiet and unassuming way. A visit to one of her groups, Lotr-hobbit-club also shows her kind and patient manner when dealing with others. Her beautiful comments are scattered all around, including to some people who really need encouragement. Cathy truly is a beautiful person, right down to her core.


Endorell-Taelos nominated by mirz-alt

Alicia is a beautiful and spirited deviant who is known throughout for her selfless generosity. She regularly gifts subscriptions to random deviants, has written numerous feature-centered articles, and keeps a daily feature on her page that offers a chance for one and all to receive more feedback and attention. You can also always count on her to prepare fun and fascinating competitions! As talented as she is supportive, Alicia excels in gorgeous photo-manipulation, and is working on creating a fair amount of her own stories. Many around the community have praised and thanked her alike for her kind and considerate demeanor towards all. Alicia also served as a Community Volunteer on-site for a while, and is still quite active in the forums. She even received the "Sweetest Deviant" award last year, a decision that is opted by community members and administrated by LadyLincoln. If that doesn't speak enough for this wonderful artist's large heart, one conversation with her will be enough to convince you. She truly is an Angel Without Wings, and we are blessed and happy to have her here on deviantART.

Florhalie nominated by Dieffi

I want to suggest my dear friend for an Angel Without Wings! Sweet-hearted and kind beyond compare, this lovely lady from Belgium is popular for more than just her breath-taking art; Nathalie is a dearly valued, mindful and loving friend. She gifts her friends not only with loads of heartfelt support in form of favorites and thoughtful comments, but with her very presence in the lives of those who love her and are grateful for her friendship. In turn, she is constantly thankful, and also endlessly generous. Her art speaks for itself, in a phenomenal and ethereal array of gorgeous fractals and other digital mediums. Nathalie creates stunningly beautiful presents for her friends, hosts countless features, and administrates three groups in addition to the countless others she is active in. Last, but certainly not least, she is a Gangsta of Love, meaning that she goes out of her way to spread love and confidence to various artists across the community. This sweet-spirited lady is certainly deserving of the title Angel Without Wings!

A-Wakefield nominated by Nameda & Sserenita

Amanda is such a very special deviant, whose profile page is dedicated to selflessly showcasing artists, groups, and competitions. It only takes a short time of knowing her to become highly impressed with her caring and friendly nature, shown by her quick responses on each and every comment. She is so passionate about the dA community and helping people and causes in need. Her Project Passion is a celebration of all artists, and she is a frequent granter of wishes at dAWishingWell Her friendliness, the number of her features for other artists, her extreme kindness and gratitude all shine out from this beautiful soul. I immediately saw the Angel qualities the second I first visited her page. Amanda exactly typifies the kind of person that the Angels Without Wings Awards belong to. You can't help but see this in her heart, shown by her interactions with others, and in every single thing that she says and does. A wonderful and truly deserving AWW, Amanda really is generous and considerate, also showing incredible compassion for people who are suffering emotionally. Thank you for the incredibly touching contribution that you make to all those who cross your path Amanda!

MYPeanutGallery nominated by suezn

"Penny is one of those lovely deviants whose presence brightens everybody's DAY! It's impossible not to notice her, because she's dedicated to provide pleasant and uplifting comments to encourage others and to express her positivism! Her beautiful features reflect her thoughtfulness and the joy with which she does her best to help other people get noticed, adding her words of wisdom, her knowledge, or simply little anecdotes to create beautiful atmospheres throughout her journals! She has a helpful nature. Those who have the privilege to know her really well, can to her "happy to help you" attitude, which is something priceless in a fellow artist! She's truly angelic, and her work reflects her incredible inner beauty and her upbeat nature! We love Penny!"


TheRafflesia nominated by funkichkn

Amy is a young, friendly deviant with an extraordinarily large and loving heart. Willing to help friends and strangers alike, she spreads hope to other deviants with kind words, prayer, and encouragement. Amy is both generous and sweet in her frequent features of undiscovered artists; it's very clear that she is determined to selflessly support her fellow deviants in every way possible. Even as one who is relatively new to the community, she is definitely a force of love and support, and her art is gorgeous as well! Amy is a photographer, and her pictures seem to emulate the shining of her heart; they truly are splendidly beautiful. Equally lovely is her compassionate and caring demeanor, as she extends advice and a listening ear to any who might need one. I find it especially heartwarming that she takes the time to pray for any who might need it, and, with their permission, shares their need with others; such a circle of active support and care can never be understated. Amy unconditionally makes her fellow deviants feel loved, and they love her in return. Unknowingly, while Amy's Angel Award was in line to be awarded to her she came forward and offered to be a Gangsta of Love. She knew nothing of her Award at that time - bless you Amy!

Joe-Maccer nominated by Dieffi

The moment you visit Joe’s profile page you can see how much he gives of himself to others. Joe takes pleasure in featuring other artitsts in his bright and attractive journals, and in an instant you can see how he honours his page visitors by answering everyone. Joe truly has a loving heart that cares deeply about other deviants, their art and their well-being. His journals reach an incredibly wide audience, yet he takes the time to reply to every comment with his wonderful personal touches to each and every one. Joe also shows his appreciation and considerate nature by commenting supportively on the things he faves. Joe’s own amazing digital and abstract art also attracts a large audience, which is very well deserved. And yet again he answers every comment, using people’s names and acknowledging them personally. I have never seen anyone, anywhere, as kind, polite, giving, caring, generous and and supportive as Joe-Maccer.

PurpleInk777 nominated by Nameda

Tracey is that adorable soul who opens up her heart widely to everybody she encounters! This place would definitely not be the same if she wasn't around! Her warmth fills everybody's hearts from the moment we encounter her, and the beauty of her soul transpires in each one of her interactions! One minute in her profile is enough to fall in love with her! She works really hard to help promote artists, projects and other causes! And it's the sweetness with which she answers every comment and note, that makes us feel really lucky to have her friendship! She’s cheerful to those who need it, always encouraging to fellow deviants, and a joy to be around, making people feel her presence and friendship through the distance, and for that we love her so much!

Anoya nominated by MayEbony

Nancy is a Community Volunteer in the APN (Animals, Plants & Nature) section of dA, but she is also so much more. Always kind-hearted and totally selfless, Nancy goes out of her way to help anyone who crosses her path. She replies kindly when she can't accept a nomination for a DD, but often features the nominations in her own stunning journals and enjoys giving the artists exposure anyway. She also cares that the artists see they were nominated, because of the joy they will feel through that honour. Nancy makes time in her busy schedule to answer all of the messages that come to her, and even if you ask about a topic she doesn't know, she will find out who you should ask. Her photography is truly beautiful and she is so kind with her comments to others both in her journals and on her deviations. Her life motto appears to be 'I want to help others'. She is definitely living that, supporting it with a great deal of love, and spreading joy far and wide.


Ganjamira nominated by FTSArts

Marika has to be unique in the whole of dA, and perhaps anywhere! She spends her own money and time on free commissions for her watchers, and on members of the group SantaDoesExist, for which she is the driving force in promoting the group, bringing in new members and keeping it a supergroup. She also does monthly crafting material giveaways for deviants who don't have the money to get those materials themselves. These sets are not cheap, and she ships them worldwide to the winners. She loves getting creativity to blossom and spread, and has never been seen to say no to anyone who asks for help. A lot of artists like to keep their secrets close to themselves, but Marika is kindness and generosity embodied! Marika takes the money she gets from her own commissions and recycles it back to other members here on dA. She usually has thousands of messages in her notification centre, but answers them all. She couldn't be more down to earth, friendly and approachable! Many deviants have seen their own skills improve so much because of Marika's generous tips and kind assistance. She is deeply loved by all of her watchers for the lavish, kind and loving attention she gives to every single person.

ElyneNoir nominated by StaceyEleven

Schnitzelyne is an incredibly friendly and helpful person who answers all of her messages in the kindest possible manner. She puts a huge amount of effort into finding under-appreciated artists, and featuring and exposing other's artwork, that it was time she got the spot-light turned on her and her own good deeds for a change. She makes a lot of features, usually every second day, and often tries to find unknown deviants to support, as well as those whose art deserves more attention. Her features are a pure art form in themselves with each deviation carefully placed to showcase it to its best advantage, along with those around it. Schnitzelyne suggests Daily Deviations when she can as well. She is a truly beautiful person, replying to almost all the comments she gets, and writes critiques from time to time, even offering on her profile page that she will write critiques on request. Schnitzelyne is also a volunteer with ProjectEducate, as well as admin of another 6 groups. If anyone is truly generous and giving of heart, Schnitzelyne is definitely that person.

Arte-de-Junqueiro nominated by MayEbony

Dear Mel is one of the most kind and supportive friends you could ever wish to have. I know that he's been there for me, and others, when they've been down or worried. He has such a supportive attitude that gives you hope for the future but, more importantly, strength for what you are going through right now. I know that Mel is the most amazing person in that, when he finds difficulties in life, he remains positive and kind and never runs anyone down. Mel also has a really generous heart in the comments and replies that he gives - his words are always so very genuine, supportive and kind. And as if that wasn't enough, he also gifts many of his photos to friends as gifts or birthday presents, and shares his photographic techniques freely in answer to any questions. Mel truly is an Angel Without Wings and my life is all the richer for his friendship.

Brookette MayEbony

Dear Brooke is a Volunteer♥ in the artisan crafts area, and is unbelievably friendly, helpful and kind. She also has a bright and sunny personality which bubbles through so much in all of her interactions with others. Brooke is a rare and wonderful person in that she answers *all* of her messages, which is no mean task. As an admin with 8 groups, including ProjectEducate, and the heavy workload involved in receiving DD suggestions, she gets more messages than many could cope with! Even with all of this, and a 'real life' too, she creates the most beautiful and inspiring crafts and art works of her own. She's one very popular lady, and deservedly so! Brooke creates regular beautiful and thoughtful features to promote all facets of Hand Craft, and the artisans who create them. She is so cheery and encouraging towards everyone and their talents - both experienced artisans, and new. Nobody could ask for a better CV or more loving friend than sweet Brooke. She has even crocheted some friends' avatars as 3D amigurumis and gifted them. That's the generous, thoughtful, kind and loving Angel that she is!


WorldWar-Tori nominated by MayEbony & Nameda 

Tori has been gracing deviantART with her encouraging presence since 2005, and she makes it clear how important the community is to her on a daily basis. As one of the few who takes time to comment on almost everything she favorites, Tori is everywhere giving compliments and support to artists small and large. Her personal work is emotive and lovely, but beyond even her gorgeous contributions to art, Tori is a selflessly active member throughout deviantART; whether she's featuring the contests of other artists on her homepage, monitoring forums, or administrating poetry and prose on the new literature recognition hub, LitRecognition, you'll be hard pressed to look somewhere and not see all the wonderful work she's done. Most importantly, Tori places priority on bringing smiles wherever she goes; she hosts glorious and frequent feature journals, offers to comment and critique any who request it, and encourages positive thinking in her 2014 Positivity Project. Bursting with sincerity and kindness, Tori is truly worthy of the Angels Without Wings Award.

Ideasplayer nominated by Dieffi

Petya is really a beautiful and nice lady and also a great artist! Please take a look on her gallery and you will be speechless! And then take a look in her awesome and brilliant journals and you will be very impressed! Her features are so full of beauty and talent that she so generously and lovingly shares with everyone. But Petya is not only supporting other artists by doing features. She is furthermore such a lovely and kind friend, always willing to help others, giving a lot of faves and comments! And she is very active with the administration of 3 groups and member of 247(!) groups. Petya is deservedly well known, often gaining in excess of 200 comments on her beautiful deviatons. She must be fairly unique in that she kindly answers every single one of them! Petya deserves to be as popular as she is, and it is a very great pleasure to be her friend.

Aeirmid nominated by Nameda

Jade is an incredibly nice, helpful and just downright gorgeous person. She is immensely engaged in getting the photomanip section of dA to be bigger, better and more active than ever before. She gives wonderful DD's, and is even kind enough to do incredibly supportive features for many of the manips she can't give a DD to. Jade also creates awesome manips herself, as well as truly appreciating the talent involved in this area by other artists. Jade answers basically every note and every comment she gets, and she is as well active in a lot of groups (and I believe the forums as well, but as I am never there I can't say for sure). She is always willing to help and to give tips and advice to the ones who ask her, and encourages everyone by organising competitions and themes. Thank you so much Jade, for everything you do to make dA a better, and more loving place.

LindArtz nominated by Tigles1Artistry

Linda is a sweet and caring friend. She makes a point of frequently commenting on your work, and it's clear that she pours both honesty and encouragement into those comments. A very kind and thoughtful lady, Linda does her utmost to help other artists. Her answers are kind and heart-warming, which really does give you a lift when you need it. I also feel that she has a strong sense of empathy, because she's very much aware of when people are going through a rough patch. Her presence is felt strongly both online and off, and I do know this comes from her warm heart. She is a loving and caring person. On top of her frequent comments, she really does encourage you even in areas where you are not an expert, and is always there behind you to point out and congratulate on how your work is progressing. Linda, you are a wonderful friend, and a lovely person!

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Jorgipie Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
This is such a sweet project!
rhunel Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017   General Artist
Have you done any of these since 2013? It seems like such a great project.  I thought there was something like a Deviousness award that was for roughly the same purpose?
LumeraLightstar Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful! 
Arty0906 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 28, 2015   General Artist
If this is still open can I nominate :iconlove-artists:? A really helpful person who is always giving out point, and kindness! Thanks!
queendagi Featured By Owner Edited May 6, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Can I please nominate :iconsuperliciousrainbow: for the AWW award? She is my best friend, and she is so kind to everyone! She will help out anyone if they need it, always gives amazing advice and dA tips to friends. She has amazing art that is saturated with creativity! She also is very supportive and encourages her friends to pursue their dreams. She was here only for 3 months, but her art has improved drastically! 
PurrpleUniverse Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
This sounds like a wonderful project I'll make a journal about it to help spread the word!
Nameda Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Professional General Artist
thank you :)
PurrpleUniverse Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
No problem!!!
GeorgeXVII Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015   Traditional Artist
:iconclapplz: congrats to all 
Nameda Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Professional General Artist
:D :wave: there is a newer list too :)
GeorgeXVII Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015   Traditional Artist
Nameda i'll take a look thanks , 
Barskaya Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015   Digital Artist
This is such a great idea, just for spreading some love! Wonderful! I'm new to DA and this was brought to my attention by (sorry, I don't know how to make those people icon show). I'll be following this and suggest angels too!
Nameda Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Professional General Artist
glad you enjoy and welcome to dA, if you need help to find your way around let me know :)
Eve is one of my good friends here nice you meet her she is an awesome lady!
the icon is made by : iconevelivesey : without the spaces :iconevelivesey: the name itself can be shown in two different ways : devevelivesey : or @ evelivesey (again without the spaces) leading to this result EveLivesey 

Great you want to suggest but please read the rules here: Project AWW Journal 10/2014- you can see the rules and the latest Angels there for older one look here Project AWW Journal 2013 -09/ 14 (so you don't waste your time to suggesting someone who is an Angel already :)
Barskaya Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015   Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the tut! I've written them down just to make sure I don't forget. Rules are read and currently scouting! :P 
Have a wonderful day!
Nameda Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
have a wonderful day, if you have any other questions let me know sweetie :)
EveLivesey Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Professional Photographer
Thank you Natasha and :wave: :iconbarskaya:
Nameda Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Professional General Artist
:hug: thanks for what hun :)
EveLivesey Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Professional Photographer
TrisKat Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Student General Artist
For once, a happy thing that is just for the sake of spreading love! Not for points, or fame, or money. I'll definitely suggest some angels. :3
Nameda Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
:) Glad you like it. 
And nope its for neither of this but for spreading some joy to those who spread joy and kindness to others relentlessly
TrisKat Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Student General Artist
That is so great to hear.
KittyGoesInsane Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is such a beautiful and clever and nice idea :3
I bet the people who get their wings will be super duper happy ^^
And I barely see such nice things on here anymore ...
It's kind of making me sad to notice how many bad things happen here
Faker and trolls and thefts and rude people ...
I really wish for those people to realize what they could do better and do it xD
Anyways , kinda drifted off topic there.
I realllllllyyyyyy love this :D
Congratulations to all the current, past , and future angels <3
Nameda Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
oh there are enough lovely projects around here seriously
for example
:icondeviantheart:  & :iconinfectious-kindness:
DeviantART ComplimentsJoin me for the launch of a new community project! :la: &  2014 Positivity Project    So after my post last night I started thinking; positive thinking; I want to do something to promote positivity throughout the world, not just in my life so I decided to start a 2014 Positivity Project using a tumblr blog and hopefully make it grow more throughout the year.
    The 5 W's
red heart bullet What? The whole point of this project is to spread positivity through photographing inspirational/positive/motivational/uplifting quotes written on paper
red heart bullet When? NOW! You can do one once a month, week, day or just only once. However many times you want to do it! My goal is to collect 365 positive quote photos by the end of this year. If you do one, leave a comment in this journal, on my page or send me a note and I will add it to
 &  Recommend a Friend Project: Relaunch!Holy cow, it's finally getting relaunched! With a bit of a makeover that is :giggle: Please be sure to read all the new info.
Introducing, the new place for RAF deviants(icon pending :B )
The Idea
We now have a group! :eager:. Instead of being featured on my profile, your feature will be posted through the group. The concept is still the same, you just send suggestions to the group with all the information filled out (look below for more details). I will then create a journal featuring your friend, that will be up for a full week! The journal will feature five recommended friends. It will also include a tidbit about the recommended friend, including why you should check them out. Once a month, all of the suggesters will be featured in an epic roundup journal.
Please send the group RecommendAFriend, a note Note  titled

you just need to look and ignore the trolls, there is still a load of wonderful people around believe me!!!
KittyGoesInsane Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know, I didn't said it was only them
But I never heard of any of these projects ^^
But for most I'm not really fit
they are lovely though :)
Nameda Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
why not? sughgesting someone is always an option :) and, we all started somewhere with our art :) nobody is a born rtist and could draw masterpieces at 6 or 10... though out there are some young artists that are so awesome you could rethink the word nobody into hardly anyone ;)
KittyGoesInsane Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I didn't meant that I can't draw,
I meant that I have great problems talking to others most of the time...
And while I am trying to always respond if somebody answers me or writes me
I'M terribly scared of it ._.
Nameda Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Professional General Artist
don't be :) Rather few of us bite ;) (Well at least not unless someone trolls me too much :giggle:
seriously why be afraid. Not everyone can like everyone. so if one doesn't like you, so be it :) You seem to be rather nice, just ignore the troll kind and stick to the nice ones :)
KittyGoesInsane Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got a social phobia and generally anxieties when talking to others...
I'm..glad oyu thin k that I am nice, I try my best..
Cause I'm really scared of people disliking me :I
You are really nice too :)
Nameda Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Professional General Artist
I try to be nice, so I am as well pretty blunt, because I always say what I think doesn't give you millions of friends though ;)
don't be shy dear as I said I am just a human just as you are
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sesam-is-open Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Beautiful project.:heart:
Nameda Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
sesam-is-open Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Roses by KmyGraphic
MCR72 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Waow, this is a very nice onee :D
This project is very interesting and lovely :D
Nameda Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
thank you very much, glad you like :D
RMS-OLYMPIC Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish so much someone would nominate isn't as if I wish to speak of myself in selfish ways, but ever since I joined 9 months ago, I have done so much for people. I seek out the depressed people who have written journals about their wishes to commit suicide, I have cheered up people who think their art is no good. I have featured my best friend because hardly no one visits her page, despite her beautiful talents. I have done art features in the past, as well.
Nameda Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
which is good, keep on doing than maybe someone suggests you, self suggesting is an absolute no go.
Not one of the awarded Angels did expect it. And many Angels do what they do relentlessly for years, not expecting a thing.
They do it because they love to do it. Not because they expect to get famous for it.
RMS-OLYMPIC Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course, and I never expect it either.

I do what I do because I love to do it, not for any other reason.
Nameda Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Professional General Artist
thats exactly how it should be :)
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Nameda Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
I hide this comment as we specifically write please via note
Cat-Von-B Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Oh, I am so sorry <3
Aryiea Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Amazing project! I will have to think on who to nominate now! :XD:
Nameda Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Professional General Artist
:D Glsd you like it and great to hear
verkik Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
What a great project! *goes to suggest this awesome person* I'll be on the lookout for more angels and keep bringing them to you guys! :D
Nameda Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
:D yep do so :)
syinthetic Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
wooow ... how i didnt heard about this before :D
Nameda Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
:D  well that eludes me totally we are so "famous" :XD: or not so :giggle:
glad you like it and I hope you will follow and suggest future Angels :) 
syinthetic Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
and i hope that someday i will see my name here also :hug:

no worries, im not so long here so ... :)
Nameda Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
self suggesting is a no go ;) but behave like an Angel support your friends and watchers, than maybe one day it might happen, and even if not, kindness always pays off in the long term :hug:
syinthetic Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
i didnt want to suggest myself ...
my point was that i hope someday someone will suggest me, because of that i will try even more

or something like that ... my english sux today. 2h of sleep isnt enough :(
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