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My dear friends and watchers

Thanks for each and every :+fav::llama: :+devwatch: They are all so much appreciated!!!

I have come to a point where it gets impossible to thank for all the faves personally.

Though I feel a little guilty, I rather take the time to create new art you hopefully will enjoy and which hopefully will inspire you, give you a smile at the right time, and work on my Project AWW, helping the true Angels get recognised for their kindness, than being continuously 2000+ messages behind.

Be assured I am really and deeply grateful for every single fave and I will continue to answer all comments & notes :)

The same applies vice versa, you don't need to thank me, I know you are grateful too :D

I wont thank you for llamas, but though I don't really care about llamas I will return each one I get :)

May God/dess bless you all :heart:

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those whom I suggested for a DD and who got one:
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I was one of many who suggested :) so no-one or someone else was named:

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Cattitude by Nameda

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Untitled by Sora-Kodo

3.) :iconmeow-pics: with:
bigger than you! by Meow-pics

congrats everyone :party:

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Light  in the Dark by Vikki93

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congrats everyone :party:

Stock resources in & outside dA & Contests

Resources outside dA

If you are looking for resources outside dA, stockphotos, plugins, fonts, free software and more have a look at my

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If you like fave and leave a comment please so I know you find it useful :)

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If you are looking for stockers who have at least medium if not fantastic quality and resolution AND fair rules
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from now on, to make my journal easier to navigate and for you easier to find interesting contests :)

If you are holding a contest or know of an interesting one let me know and I will add. But no gore, blood, evil please just not my kinda stuff :)

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Isnt it fantastic to see with how many people from countries all arround the globe we can connect and make friendship?!


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Artist | Professional | Varied

I am a digital artist, photographer and beaded jewellery artist from Germany.

Art is my passion, builds a big part of what I am. I want to inspire people with my art. I want to touch them, to make them see the beauty of the world around us, make them see the magic, the divine spark in everything. I love to give them a moment of serenity in this world full of stress, a smile when they really need it.

I hope to get my art seen to a much broader, bigger audience than it gets seen now, so it can touch more people, that it can inspire them and that hopefully I see the day I can make a living from my art. And support my family through something I really love to do. To show my kid and youngsters around the world that it is still possible to follow your heart and do what you love to do.

My art is as diverse as I am :) I love to get close and capture the amazing details and beauty of flowers and insects, the grace of a cat, the beauty of nature, of god's creation.... I love to go "wild" with photo manipulation and digital art and create spiritual artwork, magical art, art that inspires. I love to create jewellery with a story / idea behind it, but still is wearable as everyday jewellery.

My artists name Nameda comes from native american, to be exact from the Anishinabeg (Ojibwe /Chippewa) Nameda or Namida is the short form of Namid Anang meaning star dancer

Personal Quotes:
Infinite Diversity in infinite combinations \V/_ - - - - - - Do as ye will as ye harm none

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You can find me here too :

Please pray for our cat (3rd update)

Wed Sep 10, 2014, 1:49 PM


Today we went to the Vet again. The kitten is doing fine.. considering the heavy accident it had. She still has pain when she cleans herself and eats so we still mash her food finely so its more like a thick soup and she doesn't need to chew.

The only trouble is that the lower lip probably will stay ripped in one place forever. The Vet sewed it, but, it ripped open again and where it needs to be sewed is so close to the teeth that there is hardly flesh to sew it properly, and its pretty inflamed there and even had some pus which was removed by the Vet,  but apart from that she is mending fine. (It will take weeks (a month at least) before she will be fully healed though)

Than she gets the next surgery where the wires get removed, another x-ray happens to see if the upper jaw is healed by itself or if another even more expensive surgery will be needed which this Vet can't do so we would need to drive to a big Clinic.

I pray that it heals by itself, we don't need more invoices on top of what it did cost already. 

if there would be more people who would help out with some money or by spreading the word, that would be awesome!!!

A heartfelt thank you to :iconblackterrorsaur: :iconrrkra: and :iconevelivesey:
for donating money to help us and our little kitty!!!!!!
Eve specially put up a stock which sales go for kitty too :)

In the garden 5 by BlackTerrorsaur Gronckle by Rrkra Old Roman Bridge Premade by EveLivesey

you are so wonderful :glomp:

And again thanks for all the prayers I am sure w/o them my kitty would be off worse!!


We just brought her home from the Vet. She is still dazed and has pain,but the little glutton went straight to the foodplace and gorged down a full dish of food :XD: no matter that she is still a little dazed and didn't even manage to jump up on her own.
She even played a little already and is purring next to non stop and is so happy to be home and that we are there again (Our other cats are used to us being away a week each year but for her it was a first) Of course her mouth looks awful with the wire and bruises and her mouth being not straight as before, but, the most important she will survive!!!
Thanks be to God and to all your prayers and good thoughts!!!

I am really really grateful, no we, all of us are really grateful for this.
My kid and me would have suffered heavily if we would have lost another cat so soon, not to speak of our other cat, who first lost his BFF (the neighbours cat), than his new buddy Gopaji who just was killed several month ago. And he really suffered; he was hardly doing a thing and he really behaved as if he was in a deep depression and he visibly lost weight too. Only when we got our lil one and the 2 got real good friends he recovered got active again and put on some weight.
So I guess you saved 2 lives!!


Hy folks thanks so much for the prayers and good thoughts.
The lil baby lives. She has a broken upper and lower jaw, lost some teeth and the lower jar got fixed with wires in a surgery. the upper jaw is left alone because the Vet hopes as she is still young it'll fix itself (hopefully) When we saw her this afternoon she was still under anesthesia and  her head looked very bad, very bruised and part of her mouth had to be sewed in place too as it was ripped loose.  Up to now already several hundred € have piled up, but I am happy she is alive and even did eat something today. She still is at the Vet right now so she gets monitored closely.

Thanks so much for your prayers when I was about to loose my faith. Your prayers not only helped her to survive, but helped me not to totally loose my faith (same goes for my kids.

A heartfelt thank you from all of my family.

If you could buy a print or donate a little bit to help me to pay the bill to the vet that would be awesome though!!

Again a HEARTFELT THANK YOU from all of us!

Please please pray for our cat.

While we are on holiday away from home our cat got hit by a car. 
Our neighbour found her and brought her to the Vet. 
We got the message just before when we came home half an hour ago.
We are driving home first thing tomorrow morning

She is at the Vet overnight and its not clear if she will survive the night.
I don't think my prayer will do a thing as I am loosing my faith. that is the 2nd cat within 3 month we loose and the 5th in a couple of years (one vanished to be never seen again).

If she survives the night she will need VERY expensive surgery as her jaw is broken and we don't know what else is, she was bleeding from mouth and nose and probably has more damage than we are told now.

I never begged for myself but if she survives the night  I beg you to chime in and help me with money. We are far from rich and as I am very ill myself, can't earn money, so we have only one income, and that isn't a big one.

Please either buy prints from me or send some money via paypal.
My kid and me are desperate. She is a baby not even half a year old and we love her dearly. We where told that, if she survives her surgeries will cost a minimum of 1000 €

I always managed to keep my faith even though all my prayers seemed to be in vain, but now I wonder why it hits us so often with loss and illness. Even while I am writing this we are crying non stop. Worst, even my kid starts to doubt in god and his mercy. 

I update you as soon as we are home tomorrow night as we don't have web access while we are on packing and driving home.

Breathing through the ears by Nameda

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Seriously :omg: :lmao:


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Exception are points I earn through dAhub or alike Those I might spend like above or use for myself :)

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OnOne perfect effects for free grab it while it lasts!! 

9 deviants said Have fun :D
3 deviants said read for all info you need on where to download etc


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